Monthly Archives: November 2010

I know it’s worth nothing at the end

Sometimes when we really want something to happen, we make it happen. We pray, we give our best effort, and hope for the best result. When it works, we will feel accomplished. Everybody’s happy. Period.

On the other hand, what if everything turns out to be the other way around? When all prayers, efforts, and hopes seem to fail us. Feels like the world is turning against us.

I’ve heard this saying “we will never know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice”, well some kind like that. I totally agree.

These past two years has brought me into one of the most upside down time in my life. Being away from everyone and make my own life. When i get into troubles, I know I’m lucky to have my friends and family support, but at the end, who takes all the consequences?? It’s ME! ALONE!

I’m not trying to complain for complaining is the beginning of every problem. What I’m trying to say is…no matter what obstacles in front of us, the burden tighten us, we REALLY HAVE TO BE STRONG. NO DRAMA! DON’T GIVE UP! And give your best shot for everything! Just like Javanese says : Gusti Allah mboten sare…God never sleeps…:)