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Places I don’t speak the languages

Dear Lord,

thank you for handing me with such awesome reality.

9 May 2013, Jakarta

Me and the girls were having an expensive brunch at Lowe, western restaurant around Kuningan. I make careful time estimation to reach my kos after finishing our supper and right before Alif picks me up. On time. Today will be my first experience to have a long flight to the other side of the world.

10 May 2013, Munich

Breezy wind blow my face as I walked out of the 6th best airport in the world. There he is, waiting for me, looking at another side of the exit door. I run to him, hug him, and he hugs me back. It’s been 7 months. Only video and text saves our bond. I knew before I came here, things might feel awkward. But he’s there, making my long flight worth it. Hey but I’m here for holiday and having fun. There is something deep down in my backpack I keep for myself, I will move on after this. As for now, I am all about fun.

He drives me to his home, we make plans for today. I feel no jet lag. So ready to explore Munich, a place where Ernest Hemingway called as the most beautiful of Germany.


We climb the 13th floor of Old Peter, a church where we can see the whole Munich. This city is damn gorgeous. I see no modern building here, well, at least not as far as I see.


The city hall, the most legendary of all, the center of the city where people gather to celebrate many big events. Ancient. Old. Magical. He tells me about the dragon statue. It was there to remind them about the plague in middle age, the time when people think the dragon burst the disease.

Yaiy..hail to Bayern Munchen for their treble winner. I am not a big fan though, but the stadium worth the picture. It doesn’t always red light at night. It will be blue for the TSV 1860, red when the Bayern plays, and white for the national team.


The Olympic Stadium! Not much to say except that the swimming pool and the hill are really beautiful.


Ewwww look how excited I am in the picture with my FIRST SNOW! It is called Hogbahn, I think. The name is quite tricky, to be honest. Well everything is in Deutsch, and I have limited ability to remember their words.

14 May 2013, Berlin

Jati will pick me up at the Messe Nord train station. She and Nils already prepare me their living room for me to sleep in. It was quite huge. I can stay there with Andrea, my old friend at the university who study master in Illmenau, a small city 3 hours away from Berlin. She will arrive tomorrow afternoon, before that I will spend my day touring the city by myself.

15 May 2013, (still) Berlin

Caught myself stunned by the city, it may not as beautiful as Munich, but it brings a vibrant live into your lungs. A place where history blends in with modernity, part of world tragedy happened here, and I am here, there, everywhere the bus leads me to. Suddenly everything was left behind, and I can feel that Berlin drags me to its charm!


This is Berlin Victory Column or well known as Siegessaule to commemorate Prussian victory.


This is to commemorate those who died in World War II.


Last piece of Berlin wall! Surprises me how it become a huge art space..

Yes, I got a kiss in the hand by American soldier, who is also a student so I have to pay for 5 Euro!

16 May 2013

Andrea and I visiting Pfaueninsel, a three minutes from Berlin away island.


As the night come in, we visit an old classic more than 100 years of age bar along with Jati and Nils. Didn’t manage to take photo of it!

17 May 2013, Prague – Vienna

Nine hours of riding bus is really something! But i got to see Prague! It wasn’t on my schedule when I applied for Schengen. A nice bonus!

And voila! Vienna at 6 pm! I got lost on my way to the hostel we rent. Bunga and Michi pick me up. Oh so happy to see them both! Yes, I made the booking just with Bunga but then Michi decided to come too, so there will the three of us! Yaiy!

18 May 2013, (still) Vienna

Vienna is another pretty European city with seriously amazing landscapes and buildings from Austro-Hongarian legacy.


City center with people selling local unique things. Nice view aye!


Yeap, we call it Schonbrunn Palace. Seriously massive building in a wide range area! Superb!


Take picture in front of parliament building, um there is Athena statue behind us, actually.


The famous prater! FYI, this is one of Before Sunrise place to date!

After an exciting day in Vienna, or Wien, Bunga went straight to bed. But me and Michi as the first timer here, don’t wanna spent the night just in bed. We walk along the Mariahilferstrasse, try to find a nice bar to sit in and have drinks before the day ends. A nice bar is here, yet it is crowded but we manage to sit at the bar and he ordered the same drink he had on our first date.

19 May 2013, (still) Vienna

Bunga is leaving to Budapest today with 11 am bus, and we stay here. We start the day with a nice breakfast in the hostel. Only 4 Euro per person, and with that we save 1 Euro for children in Africa. Such a nobel menu. As always, choosing where to go has always been our longest debate. While he prepare to swim, I prepare to go to Bratislava… Having the longest journey from home has giving me the right to decide Bratislava, here we come!


The train station we reach by train with only 1 hour away from Vienna.


City center! Finally got here after 1 hour of walking!



It is quite like some Indonesian city. Indeed really different from Vienna which is only 1 hour away by train. The price of one cone of ice cream is only one-third of Vienna’s price. The best part is only the city center, with narrow old streets between houses, and expensive restaurants in the middle. Luckily, that one part is quite romantic…

20 May 2013, Budapest

This is my last stop before leaving home. I stay at Bunga’s apartment. It is another stunning night view in the city divided into Buda and Pest. Old yet pretty landscapes are truly fascinating!


I think this is the Opera house.


The location is next to Central Market Hall.


Budapest at night!


The city of statue, I don’t know who the lady is though..random model.

And last but most least..yes correct, I’m flying back to Jakarta now..:(