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Rome to Vatican Dome

Hey you, how is everything going on there? Hope everything is going awesome just like you.
Oh did I just hear you asking how am I doing? I am doing very well and happy. After 4 full months of not flying anywhere, I finally went to Rome.
Let me start with the train from Groningen to Amsterdam. I left the city with my two Italian friends and another friend from the house. I felt the atmosphere of Italy since these two girls started to talk to each other. Funny, like Indonesian, they speak like a machine gun.
Well, then the flight was not so smooth. 20 minutes of turbulence in between and it was awful. But you know what, since few years ago I already made turbulence as my lullaby song. I always sleep when that happen. At least if I die, it won’t hurt that much…And after the plane safely landed, all the passengers were clapping. That was how bad the turbulence was :p

Services industry are not as good as in the Netherlands, even Indonesia is better. Um, that was my first impression last night when two cashier I met did not say hi or thank you or at least smile at me.
I had to take the train to Roma Termini from the airport, and walk to my hostel from there. It is actually a tourist-bronx-area. Well, it was midnight and in the city I don’t know any words except grazi, pegro and bonicimo.
The hostel was in an old building with ancient elevator. The elevator fits only myself and my suitcase and the door was manually open and close…cute.

The biggest surprise was the room I have to share with, two Brazilian guys and one Mexican. They were nice, but the fact that one of them was naked when I came in and they talked about hot Italian girls, makes me my night a bit funny. But I survived the night. I slept enough to put my whole energy for today…
But hey don’t worry about me, my aunt move me to the hotel today. She can not except the fact that I share rooms with strangers.

And so we went to Vatican city after had a nice lunch. I was invited by my aunt’s friends. They are the future priest and studying theology in a college in Rome. They found happiness in celibacy, something that always amazed me 🙂

They took me to the top of their dormitory, and I found the nicest view in Europe ever! EVER! I can see Rome and the whole Vatican city from there, as the sky turned dark with a shed of red. You know, like the night in Groningen one week ago. Only this time the view is more like heaven sent quality. I grace my God for that.

2014-12-21 17.19.41

After not so long day, I came back to the new hotel and have some rest. But night is still young so I went out with my Indonesian friends who happened to be also in Rome. What a coincident, and tonight is their last night in Rome. We went to Fontana di Trevi which was under construction and we still throw coin to make a wish 😉  We continue to Pantheon and Piazza di Spagna. I celebrate Christmas in Rome. I celebrate Christmas in Rome. I can not stop telling that spell to myself. The atmosphere is warm, street choir singing Christmas songs and wearing Santa hat. I don’t believe in Jesus but I do believe in joy :p

I redo Vatican City and Pantheon. This time going inside St Peter Basilica and Pantheon. It was amaaaaazing. And I tried the best pasta in town. 4 star restaurant from tripadvisor.

Me: *going to the male toilet without noticing it*

Waiter: Miss, miss…wc wc…

Me: yes, i need to go to the toilet

Waiter: yes..(says something in Italian and pointing on Cashier)

Me: *insist* toilet

Waiter: yes yes…*keep on speaking Italian while pointing at Cashier*

Me: yes but toilet first

Waiter: *pointing directly at the sign of female toilet NEXT TO THE CASHIER*

Me: Ah sorry…

I really thought he insisted me to pay first, apparently he did me a favor..:D

2014-12-22 15.46.592014-12-24 14.01.382014-12-21 20.36.34

I explore Palatine Hill and Colosseum. I adore Roman Forum. I already miss Rome even before I left. The atmosphere dragged me to the time Before the Century. Felt like changing my clothes and dressed up as Cleopatra :p And every time I walk or get on the bus, the landscape always gave me surprises.

The best part is I got to meet my best friend and aunt here. It is nice to see some familiar faces after a while…

2014-12-24 10.48.58 2014-12-23 15.24.53

But you know, happiness only real when shared.